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Is Mortgage Foreclosure in Your Future?

If you are behind on your mortgage payment or have received a notice that your home is or may be set for foreclosure, do not wait a moment longer if you want to save your house.  Contact Pelley Law Office, L.L.P. today to arrange a free confidential consultation. Our attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you avoid foreclosure.

Since there is absolutely no charge for your first consultation with us, it is pointless to wait. Come see us immediately so that we can explain your alternatives and you can then choose the option that is best for you. If you wait too long, it will be too late to stop the foreclosure or to stop the repossession.

Bankruptcy Can Stop Mortgage Foreclosure for those who qualify

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often the best option for homeowners who are behind on their mortgages. If you file bankruptcy before the foreclosure, you can save your home. You will have five years to get caught up on the back mortgage payments. For example, if you are behind $5,000 on your house and you cannot afford to get caught up in one payment, then a Chapter 13 will give you the opportunity to pay that $5,000 back over 60 months at somewhere around $115 a month.

What You Do Not Know Will Hurt You

Since the bankruptcy laws changed in October 2005, many people mistakenly believe that they are not eligible to file bankruptcy. Do not become one of those people who lose their home because they think they are ineligible to file. Almost everyone is still eligible to file.

plano Foreclosure Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are seeking an experienced foreclosure lawyer who will evaluate your situation and explain all of your options, please contact Pelley Law Office, L.L.P. today to schedule a free confidential consultation. You will be under no obligation to hire us, and you will then know your alternatives. We look forward to speaking to you and explaining how we can help.