Our Two-Part Approach To Fighting Meth Charges

Meth runs rampant across North Texas. It destroys lives and breaks up families. Our experienced criminal defense team has defended people against Meth charges since 1974.

When approaching the defense of a person facing a methamphetamines charge — possession, manufacturing, delivery or distribution — our goal is twofold: First, address the legal problem and get the charges dismissed. Second, make sure our client gets the help they need to recover from addiction and this monster.

Result: MTA DISMISSED AND PROBATION REINSTATED ON A 1ST DEGREE FELONY. Charge: Motion to Adjudicate—Manufacturing/Delivery of a Controlled Substance PG 1 >4G<200G. Probation filed a Motion to Adjudicate because our client just kept failing UAs for meth and committing new offenses. He got us hired, and we got his probation reinstated. State of Texas vs. S.M.

Result: FELONY METHAMPHETAMINE CASES DISMISSED AFTER MOTION TO SUPPRESS WAS GRANTED. Charge: Possession of a Controlled Substances Cases in a Drug Free School Zone.
Enhanced by the School Zone enhancement, our client was looking a substantial pen sentence. State of Texas vs. K.L.

Result: FELONY METH CHARGES DISMISSED. Charge: Possession of Methamphetamines.
J.M. got busted for meth. Mr. Pelley got his case dismissed. State of Texas vs. J.M.

Our #1 Job: Fighting The Criminal Case

Your Fourth Amendment Rights

If you have been arrested for possession or delivery of meth, you may assume that you will be convicted. But when you have an encounter with law enforcement, you have many Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless searches and seizures.

Our Job #2: Helping The Client Get Rehabilitation

If you or someone you care about has fallen victim to methamphetamines and you are looking for experienced guidance, strong defense representation and understanding that is what you will find at Pelley Law Office, L.L.P.

It is possible to start over and rebuild a life that has been stunted by methamphetamines. There is hope. We can help.

Knowledgeable Narcotics Attorneys who have compassion for you.

Do not fool yourself by hoping your criminal problems will go away. They will not. Pick up your phone and call us right now at 972-608-0335, or send us an email. Our experienced Meth defense attorneys are ready to start fighting for you immediately. Each moment that goes by is bad for you, and good for the prosecution.

The most accurate way of predicting attorneys' performance in the future is to examine the results they have achieved in the past.