Clearing Your Criminal Record Is Important

Arrests Can Follow You For The Rest Of Your Life if You Do Not Clean Up Your Record.

Even if you are either acquitted or your case gets dismissed, you will still have a criminal arrest record unless you get it expunged. This can influence a number of things, including future prosecutions, licenses and your employment.

If you are placed on deferred adjudication for an offense and successfully complete your probation, then even though there will be no conviction on your record, the arrest will remain unless and until you get your record sealed through a Non-Disclosure. There is something you can do, but it will not happen unless and until you Petition the Court in the right manner.

How Do Expunctions And Nondisclosures Work?

If you were arrested for a Class C misdemeanor (shoplifting, for example) and you obtained and completed deferred adjudication, were acquitted at trial or the charges against you were eventually dismissed, you can have your criminal record expunged. After expunction, the arrest would be removed from your record.

In cases in which it is impossible to obtain an expunction, it may still be possible to file a petition for nondisclosure. If granted, your arrest record will be sealed to most entities.


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