Affordable Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is almost always the most affordable way to put an end to stressful creditor harassment and discharge your debts. We can help you explore all of your debt relief options at the free initial consultation with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

Debt Relief Options

If you are trying to decide if bankruptcy is right for you, you may be curious as to how it compares to your other debt relief options. Many people struggling with debt look to a debt consolidation company in hopes of avoiding bankruptcy. These companies typically offer to work with your creditors in an attempt to reduce your debt and consolidate it into a payment plan.

We urge you to use extreme caution before hiring a debt consolidation company. Many times, these services can leave you with more problems than you originally had whereas the Bankruptcy Code can provide you with immediate protection. Almost without exception, debt consolidation is a much more expensive option and more damaging option to your credit score than filing a bankruptcy.

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