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You do not have to face your financial problem alone. When you get sick, you go to a certain type of doctor according to what type of illness you are suffering. That doctor is trained and experienced in that type of medicine, and he/she knows how to make you well. The same is true when you are suffering from a debt problem. You need a trained and experienced bankruptcy attorney to advise you of the best solution to cure your financial ailments. You need Mr. Pelley's guidance to financial freedom.

Why File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for people who are: (1) behind on their house payments and their property is about to be foreclosed upon; or (2) behind on their vehicles and their cars are about to be repossessed. It is also designed for people who owe the IRS, or those who simply make too much money each month to remain in Chapter 7. Chapter 13 has several advantages. For instance, we are often able to substantially reduce your payments on your vehicles. However, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will typically allow you to discharge all of your unsecured debts!


A common misconception is that if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be required pay back your credit card or other similar unsecured non-priority debt. To the contrary, that is rarely the case. Most of our Chapter 13 clients pay back none or an extremely insignificant amount of their unsecured debts.

Most people also mistakenly believe that bankruptcy will destroy their credit. To the contrary, your credit score will improve after you get your discharge if you follow our advice. Bankruptcy law was not written to kick you while you are down. The whole point is to give you a fresh financial start.

An integral part of obtaining a "fresh start" is the rehabilitation of your credit. We will counsel you on how to rehabilitate your credit.


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