Have a small business that did not work out like you thought it would? Bankruptcy is probably the best solution.

Today's economy is difficult for both small businesses and families. Many times, bankruptcy is the only option for dealing with overwhelming business debt, lawsuits and unpaid SBA loans. If you are facing these issues, you need an attorney who is known for protecting the rights of business owners in complex cases.  During your initial consultation we will discuss Chapter 11 bankruptcy and debt reorganization.

In most cases, small business owners have personally guaranteed the debts of their businesses. We can put an end to the bleeding. In over 5 decades of practice, our lawyers have helped thousands of clients navigate this business decision and get a fresh financial start on their personal financial futures. Call 972-608-0335 today for a free consultation with Mr. Pelley.

Just a brief note to tell you how appreciative I am of how effective you were in my bankruptcy proceedings. I was never worried because I knew I was being represented by the best. Thank you! — F. B.

The most accurate way of predicting attorneys' performance in the future is to examine the results they have achieved in the past.