Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Plano and Dallas


If your business is struggling with unpaid loans or other debt, bankruptcy may be the logical answer. If you have a strong reason to believe your business will succeed in the future and you need time to implement a reorganization plan, a Chapter 11 "Debtor in Possession" bankruptcy may be appropriate.

Chapter 11 is a business bankruptcy for corporations which have many assets or which anticipate having a viable business in the future if it were to be unhampered by a huge amount of debt.

The benefit to Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that the business can get a plan confirmed by the court that would allow it to continue to do business and handle its creditors through the bankruptcy court reorganization procedure while the debtor remains in possession of and continues to run the business.

If the business needs to be shut down, then Chapter 7 is often the best option.

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