Alternative Dispute Resolution Offers A More Affordable Solution To Divorce.

Are you facing a divorce and seeking alternatives to traditional divorce litigation? We offer many different solutions. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows divorcing spouses means of resolving disputes out of court, thus saving significant time, expense and emotional toil.

There Are Other Ways To Resolve Divorce Disputes

ADR is becoming more common in Texas. In fact, Texas law requires judges to promote ADR as a preferred means of resolving divorce disputes.

At our firm, we can help you explore all of your dispute resolution options, including:

  • Mediation: Meditation allows divorcing spouses to work with a neutral third-party mediator to resolve divorce disputes.
  • Arbitration: In arbitration, a third-party arbitrator hears both parties and renders a decision. If both parties agree in advance, the ruling of the arbitrator can be binding.

Our versatile practice allows our clients to choose how they wish to resolve disputes over child custody, property division and other family law issues. The choice is yours. Our lawyers are here to give you options and represent your legal and financial interests.

What Should You Do Now?

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