Is It Time To Consult A Divorce Lawyer?

If you think it is time to dissolve your marriage and move on to the next stage of your life, our divorce team will guide you through the transition.

Since 1974, we have successfully represented people in need of a divorce all over North Texas. We have the experience and knowledge needed to protect your interests during divorce. We will properly handle all aspects of your divorce, including:

We Start By Listening

We will listen carefully as you explain your circumstances and goals, and then we will gather the information we need to analyze your situation. Next, we will explain your options and recommend a strategy for achieving your goals.

When it comes to divorce, you can never predict exactly what the other person will do. While you may prefer to negotiate an acceptable divorce settlement, your spouse may refuse to be reasonable. We can help with that.

Our firm's divorce attorneys will work to settle disputed issues outside of court. But, our experienced litigators will be prepared to take your case to trial and fight for your parental and property rights if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

Guiding You Through The Process

We will be there for you, explaining each step and guiding you through the process until your divorce is final. While division of property and other divorce issues may seem overwhelming to you, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

What Should You Do Now?

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation so you can get the protection you need. Call us at 972-608-0335.

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