How can I avoid a felony prosecution?

Hire our accomplished defense team immediately.

The Grand Jury will convene to determine whether or not " probable cause" exists that you committed a felony offense. " Probable cause" is very easy for the Grand Jury to find, and they will probably "rubber stamp" your indictment unless you have our experienced felony lawyers submit an appropriate "packet."

A packet is a compilation of evidence from the investigation we will conduct once you hire us. Without your own packet, the Grand Jury with nothing other than a one-sided story from the detective who will only present evidence making you look guilty.

Result: GRAND JURY "NO-BILL" & CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Aggravated Sexual Assault of A Child Under 14. This client was accused of repeatedly raping his teenage daughter in the middle of a divorce. As a result, his son was also taken away from him. We submitted a packet to the jury, got the criminal charges dismissed, and got his son back for him. State of Texas vs. B.R.

Result: CASES DISMISSED PRIOR TO INDICTMENT. 1st-Degree Felony Theft over $200,000.
This client had over $200,000 in hot checks. We were able to avoid any indictment. State vs. A.I.

What are the collateral consequences of an indictment?

Unless you get the felony investigation "no-billed" by the Grand Jury, your case can quickly become a political issue with the elected District Attorney's Office. You do not want that!

What should you do right now?

Hire our firm immediately. Working with our experienced lawyers now can avoid unnecessary expense and misery down the road. If you or a loved one is under investigation for a felony, then contact us today. We can help you and your family better today than we can tomorrow.

The most accurate way of predicting attorneys' performance in the future is to examine the results they have achieved in the past.