Are you an educator accused of a sexual relationship with a student?

If so, then you are facing the battle of your life to avoid prison.

The very least of your worries is being placed on administrative leave by the school district, so do not speak to anyone about these allegations other than our sexual assault defense team.

Contacted By Authorities, A Parent Or School Officials?

Tell them that you want to speak with an attorney and do not say anything else. You have heard and read the news. Much like Cocaine cases in the 80s, "Chop Shop" cases in the 90s, and Methamphetamine cases at the turn of the century, now the new hot button investigations for Detectives are improper relationship with a student cases. District attorneys are making an example in these types of cases, and educators are going to prison.

Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure 21.12

An employee of a public or private primary or secondary school commits an offense if the employee engages in:

  1. Sexual contact, sexual intercourse, or deviate sexual intercourse with a person who is enrolled in a public or private primary or secondary school at which the employee works; or
  2. Conduct described by Second 33.021, with a person described by Subdivision (1), regardless of the age of that person.

This type of offense is often indicted as a second-degree felony, punishable by confinement in the Texas Department of Correctional Facilities from two to 20 years and/or up to a $10,000 fine.

If you or a loved one is under investigation for felony improper relationship with a student, do not wait to hire our experienced felony defense team. The longer you wait, the easier it is for the State to build a case against you.

What Should You Do Right Now?

If you have been contacted by a detective or feel like an allegation that you or your loved one may have had sexual relations with a student, then do not wait to speak to our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Contact our law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation so you can get the protection you desperately need. Call us at 972-608-0335.

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