How A Restraining Order Can Help You.

A restraining order can be a powerful tool for protecting a person who has been the victim of domestic violence, spousal abuse, terroristic threats or harassment. However, when filed unfairly or based on false allegations a restraining order can unjustly serve as an instrument of oppression used to punish an innocent party in a divorce or other family dispute. We can help you regardless of which side of that paradigm that you fall.

At Pelley Law Office, L.L.P., we stand for truth and fairness in divorce. We are aggressive advocates for our clients' rights and will act quickly to protect their interests and well-being. We know how to use restraining orders to give a measure of security and protection to victims of domestic violence. We also know how to fight restraining orders sought for the wrong reasons. As family law and criminal defense attorneys, we understand both sides of these issues.

We believe that no one should use a false allegation of abuse in order to obtain a restraining order. That is a manipulative ploy that is all too often designed to influence spousal maintenance or child custody in divorce. We are dedicated to exposing these underhanded tactics whenever they occur.

What Should You Do Now?

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