Organized crime cases typically enhance the severity of the underlying offense.

Being charged with engaging in organized crime in Texas is a serious legal matter that may include state and federal charges. Organized crime can be any sort of criminal activity involving more than one person.

You need our accomplished Organized Crime Defense Team to help guide you through this mess.

Result: CASES DISMISSED. Charge: Engaged in Organized Crime. Client was indicted as a primary party to a extensive criminal ring of burglaries in Collin County. Our client was involved in multiple burglaries of both vehicles and habitations in McKinney. He was the first in the conspiracy ring to reach out to us, and he was the only one to walk away unscathed. State of Texas vs. T.C.

Organized Crime Charges

If you are charged with engaging in organized crime in Texas, you face increased penalties. This means that the consequences of a conviction will be significantly higher than if you were accused of acting alone.

Organized crime is a broad category that encompasses everything from racketeering and gang activity to white collar crimes. This is a complex area of law and calls for assistance from an experienced defense team that knows how to win these complicated cases.

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