Theft over $2,500 is a felony In Texas.

Q: Is my life going to be impacted by these felony theft allegations unless I take action immediately?

A: Yes, there is a 100% certainty it will.

Theft offenses are "crimes of moral turpitude." If you are convicted, then there are serious implications that will almost certainly cause you problems the rest of your life with employment, and in your personal and professional relationships.

You need us now.

Result: CASE DISMISSED AND INVESTIGATION BY THE F.B.I. CONCLUDED WITHOUT INDICTMENT. Charges: False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit Over $200,000.00 Client under investigation for 36 First (1ST) Degree allegations facing 99 years confinement on each charge for potential exposure of 3,564 years in prison plus a minimum of 360 months confinement (not eligible for probation) in federal prison if convicted. State of Texas vs. K.T.

Result: CASES DISMISSED. Charge: Burglary of a Habitation Client was caught and admitted to the police that he was the primary actor in a series of burglaries of local dignitaries' homes. Client was facing 20 years confinement on each charge. State of Texas vs. C.M.

Result: CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Felony Theft.
Client was indicted in Missouri for felony theft and was offered 6 years imprisonment by the prosecution to the Missouri defense lawyer. A Texas resident, W.M. paid the Missouri attorney over $20,000 and the offer to W.M. never reduced. That Missouri attorney was advising W.M. he needed more money to continue to represent W.M. W.M. hired our firm for substantially less and after our attorney got permission from the Missouri judge to represent W.M. on the matter Pro Hac Vice, two weeks later the indictment was dismissed and all charges dropped. State of Missouri vs. W.M.

Contacted By The Authorities About Theft Allegations?

Tell them that you want your lawyer and do not say another word. A detective will tell you that if you cooperate and talk with them then they will put in a good recommendation to the district attorney. Do not let the authorities scare you into talking to them.

Potential Consequences Of Felony Theft Allegations

It can be devastating for your future if you do not handle the allegation exactly right. Depending on the amount of restitution alleged, you can be charged with crimes that leave you exposed to a range of punishment of up to 99 years' confinement and up to a $10,000 fine or both.

If you or a loved one has been charged with felony theft, then every second that you wait to hire an experienced theft defense lawyer is good for the State and bad for you. Act now because your future depends on it.

What Should You Do Now?

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