341 Hearing

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The 341 Hearing is named the First Meeting of Creditors. However, that name is a bit of a misnomer for 2 reasons.  One, it implies there will be a second meeting. There is rarely a second meeting, especially during a Chapter 7 case. Two, it implies that the creditors will show up to the meeting. That is also rarely the case.

In the typical 341 hearing, the only parties that attend are the trustee, the attorney, and the debtor.  The trustee and the lawyer ask a number of questions that are relevant to the debtor’s assets, liabilities and income.
In a Chapter 7 case, the typical hearing is about 5 minutes long.  The Chapter 13 hearing usually take about 15 minutes.
The hearings are usually held about 45 days after the date that the petition is filed.