Texas Divorce & Child Support

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The divorce rate is very high in Texas compared to the rest of the nation.  According to a recent study, there were more people in Texas that have been married 3 times than any where else in the union.

Many divorces involve children.  Of course, conservatorship and child custody plays a huge role in divorce court.  However, that is not the only issue.  Child support is a major part of most domestic relations cases.
The Child Support Guidelines are spelled out in the Family Code.  They typically govern how much money is to be sent to the payee (person with custody) by the payor (parent sending the  money).   For example, if there is only one child, then the Family Code says that 20% of the payor’s net income is to be sent to the person with custody.  But, if the payor has other children from another relationship then the payment to the payee is reduced proportionately.
In addition to child support and potential spousal maintenance, there are also issues about medical insurance for the child.