If I don’t have much credit card debt, is bankruptcy an option?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2010 | Bankruptcy |

Bankruptcy is often your best option if you have a secured obligation that you can no longer afford, or if you have other unsecured debt even if you have no credit card debt.  In that situation, you can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you qualify.  If you are several months behind on your house and you want to try to keep it, then you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to try to keep it.

However, whether or not you are eligible to file both chapters is contingent on your passing the Means Test Analysis.  It is a test where you have to compare your gross income to what the IRS’s guidelines indicate that most families of your size make in Texas.  Then, if you make more the second part of the Means Test compares your Local Housing, Transportation and Utility expenses to what the IRS’s guidelines indicate is typical for the county in which you reside.