Community Property Division in Texas in High Asset Cases

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When Property Division Becomes Complex or Contentious

Texas community property law is often very complicated. This is especially true when one or both of the parties of the marriage have a very high level of income or have substantial investments in real estate, a closely-held corporation, stocks, bonds, an IRA, 401k, CDs or other assets.

Unique Combination: Family Law and Financial Law Firm

In these cases, our office believes that it is in your best interest to have an attorney on your side with extensive experience in both family law and complex financial matters.

Many high asset property division cases also often involve complex child custody and child support issues. At Pelley Law Office in Sherman and Plano, we have the unique ability to assist our clients because we are both family law and financial attorneys who can advise you as to how to best protect your interests inside and outside of the courtroom.