How do I file bankruptcy in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2010 | Bankruptcy |

Filing bankruptcy in Texas is extremely advantageous.  As a debtor filing for protection under the Bankruptcy Code in Texas you have the ability to make a selection as to the list of exemptions that you utilize according to your situation in order to maximize the amount of property that you can keep.  If your bankruptcy is filed correctly by an experienced bankruptcy attorney then typically, debtors lose nothing at all.

If you are an individual who has less than $20,000 of equity in your homestead then you can take the list of exemptions in the Federal Bankruptcy Code (married filing jointly increases to $40k).  In that event, to the extent that you have less than the max amount of equity you can protect things like cash and money in a bank that is not in a retirement account.  If you have more equity in the home, then the Texas Property Code exemption list is also extremely generous in that you can have hundreds of thousands of equity in your homestead and still file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as long as you pass the “Means Test.”

People that need to file bankruptcy in North Texas, regardless of whether they are in Garland, Plano, Richardson or Collin County can file bankruptcy in the Eastern District.