McKinney, Texas Divorce

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Divorce in McKinney, Texas and all cities that are in Collin County takes place in the district courts located in McKinney, Texas in the big new courthouse just west of Highway 75.  If the divorce is has children involved, it is called a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship.

One thing that means is that if there is a subsequent child custody or support issue, then the divorce court retains what is called Continuing-Exclusive Jurisdiction.

In plain words, that means that the proper court to hear those matters should almost always be the divorce court.  There are many types of divorce issues in Collin County Texas domestic relations law.  There are Agreed Divorces where the parties are able to agree on things like Child Custody and Child Support as well as agree on the Community Property division of the estate.

Sometimes, in high asset estates those issues cannot be agreed upon and there will be a lot of litigation involving the above mentioned issues.