Divorce Disputes

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When parties get a divorce, often times there are many disputed issues.  Sometimes the issues of contention are over who would be appointed joint managing conservator of the children or how much child support should be owed.  Another point of contention can be where the parties can move and how far away from each other will they be allowed to move if there are the children the subject of the marriage. 

Mediation is not the same as traditional negotiation of divorce disputes.  Negotiation is generally a sounding out process to a dispute resolution but is not accomplished through any established framework and may be pursued through representatives, most often attorneys.  Negotiation does not normally utilize a neutral resource person and is premised on an adversary model.  Often times, in high asset divorces the adversary process is the only method of bringing an end to the resolution.

It is important to have an experienced trial attorney on your side if you are in a high asset divorce. 

In many high asset divorces, mediation is not the appropriate tool at which to solve most of issues.