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Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy almost always helps individuals who are discouraged and hampered by pre-existing debt find a fresh financial start.  Being in debt can cause a number of problems, and finding a solution to the debt can help alleviate if not often solve those problems.  It is very common for a debt problem to lead to a disruption in a marriage, or even cause a divorce.  If you are able to find a solution to the debt problem, then often times many personal relationships can be saved.

Likewise, having the dark cloud of overwhelming debt hanging over your head with no good solution to the problem at hand can eventually lead to mental and physical health problems.  Nobody wants to be in a situation where they can’t pay the obligations that they agreed to.  But, many times there is another factor that the debtor did not anticipate that causes the debt problem.  Common examples of primary contributors to debt problems are:  death, divorce, loss of job, reduction in income, somebody gets sick, there is a new addition/mouth to feed in the family…all of these reasons are very common when someone needs to consider their debt relief options.

Before making the decision of how you should proceed, it is best to talk to an experienced financial attorney to learn your options…both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options.  That way you make the best decision based upon your individual set of circumstances.