Chapter 7 Trustee in Plano

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The Eastern District of Texas’s Bankruptcy Court actually sits in Plano, Texas.  There are four appointed trustees in the Sherman Division which sits in Plano for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Christopher Moser, Linda Payne Michelle Chow and Mark Weisbart preside over the Chapter 7 First Meetings of Creditors which are referred to as 341 meetings after the corresponding Chapter in the Bankruptcy Code.

Janna Countryman is the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee in Plano.  Under either Chapter, the 341 meeting is typically held about 45 days after the case is filed.  The Chapter 7 hearings are held at the Plano Centre, and the Chapter 13 hearings are held in Plano at the Trustee’s office behind the Bankruptcy Court.  The 341 hearings are usually relatively brief.  The Chapter 13 hearings last 15-20 minutes and the Chapter 7 cases sometimes can go as quickly as 2-3 minutes.

Under either Chapter, the trustees and lawyers make inquiries of the debtor of their assets and liabilities as of the date the bankruptcy petition is filed.  

In most cases, there is only one 341 meeting even though the term “First Meeting of Creditors” seems to imply that there will be a second meeting.  Also, it is rare for a creditor to make an appearance, especially at a Chapter 7 case.  The IRS makes many appearances, especially when a debtor files a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

The Chapter 7 hearings are usually held on Monday and Fridays.  The Chapter 13 hearings are usually held on Thursdays.