Bankruptcy Court in Plano, Texas

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The Bankruptcy Court for the United States District Court Eastern Division on Texas sits in Plano, Texas.  The Court is actually located in the Wells Fargo Bank Building that is on the east side of North Central Expressway and Plano Parkway.  Adversarial proceedings and contested hearings in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases are heard there in front of the judge.

However, the 341 meetings (First Meeting of Creditors) are held in two different locations.  The Chapter 7 First Meeting of Creditors is held at the Plano Centre which is located on Spring Creek in Plano just across Jupiter road from the Collin County Community College Plano Campus.  The meetings are almost always held in the East Wing of the Plano Centre.  The 341 meetings in Chapter 13 cases are held at the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office which is The Atrium located next to Fry’s Electronics and behind the Wells Fargo building on Plano Parkway and Highway 75.

Typically, a debtor who has a lot of unsecured debt, medical bills, and credit card debt should file a Chapter 7 rather than a Chapter 13 if they pass the Means Test.  A Chapter 7 is almost always quicker, easier, and does more for an individual than a Chapter 13 does.  Nevertheless, under certain circumstances it is more beneficial for a debtor who passes the Means Test to go ahead and file a Chapter 13 instead of a Chapter 7. 

For example, if someone passed the Means Test and was eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and they had $60,000 worth of credit card debt they would still want to file a Chapter 13 if they were 3 months behind on their house and they wanted to avoid foreclosure.  Assuming they had adequate income to pay the current house payments plus pay the arrears through the 60 month Chapter 13 Plan the credit card debt should be discharged through the Bankruptcy Court.