Texas-based debt relief company target of BBB warning

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When life deals out a set of rotten cards, it has a way of gumming up the financial works for you and your family. No one looks for a lousy hand. When you get one, the burden of debt tends to mount and so does apprehension. Texas individuals, desperate for debt relief, can be driven to take rash action. They shouldn’t succumb.

The wiser route is to work with professionals with knowledge about the possible options that may be available for resolving the particular issues you face. Contacting an experienced attorney is always a good first step in this regard. Failing to do that could only result in conditions getting worse.

That’s what has reportedly been happening with a lot of people who put their trust in a company called World Law Debt. The practices of the Texas-based firm have come under fire and the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on their guard.

The BBB says that as of July 24, 34 reported complaints are on the books against World Law Debt. Eight of the complaints haven’t been resolved. The rest haven’t even been responded to.

All of the complaints run along the same line. Angry consumers report that they funneled money into accounts held by the company. In return, they understood that World Law Debt would work with creditors and put the money toward paying down the clients’ debt. But they say all that happened was that large administration fees were taken by the company. Then, collectors started to call. In some cases, consumers wound up being sued by creditors.

At least three states have taken action against the company to block its operations in their jurisdictions. It’s unclear whether Texas officials have taken similar action.

People who are facing this level of financial trauma need help, not the kind of practices that are going to get them into deeper trouble. To avoid that kind of stress, check with an experienced attorney to learn what options exist and how to take advantage of them.

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