Quick action needed to stop creditor harassment for medical bills

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Medical bills can quickly ruin a family budget. These often-unexpected expenses can leave people very stressed, as money simply does not grow on trees. It doesn’t take very long for creditors to begin calling over past due medical bills, either. Here are a few tips to keep medical expenses from completely devastating your family’s financial future.

— Always examine each medical bill carefully. An estimated 30 percent of medical bills contain errors, which can quickly add up. If you aren’t sure about the billing of some hospital service, contact the hospital billing department.

— You might be surprised to learn that you can save money on medical expenses by simply shopping for services. Call different providers and ask what they charge for office calls or other services. While this certainly won’t work for medical emergencies, it can save you money for scheduled procedures or appointments.

— Generic prescriptions can save you a lot as well when compared to name-brand medications. Ask your doctor to allow the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions with a generic prescription if it is available.

— Ask for a payment plan if you cannot afford to pay the entire balance. Financial assistance may also be available for some who qualify.

If the medical bills have reached a limit that is simply too high for you to deal with along with your other financial responsibilities, it may be time to find out if bankruptcy would be the right solution. While it isn’t for everyone, bankruptcy can give many people the fresh financial start they need, while stopping creditor harassment. An experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney can provide more information on bankruptcy and other debt relief options.

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