Ways to improve financial status

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Debt Relief |

As Texas residents may know, being able to control debt makes it easier to take out a loan, rent a home or purchase a vehicle, among other things. According to NerdWallet, the average credit card holder owes slightly more that $16,000, and about $155,000 is the average amount owed on home loans. A few tips may help an individual to control and pay down debt.

Making payments on time helps, because late pays may damage credit ratings. Timely payments raise an individual’s credit score. An individual who can pay off credit card debt every month saves the interest that would otherwise have been charged. This method of handling credit card debt not only saves money but paying off those debts right away may raise a credit score over time.

Some individuals may be tempted to use savings to help pay off debt. A better idea may be to use incoming cash to pay down debt. By using savings, a consumer may be tempted to charge more on credit cards and this might end up with more credit card debt and fewer savings.

An individual may improve his or her credit rating and make a fresh financial start by carefully monitoring debt and working toward reducing it. Again, paying bills on time slowly builds up a poor credit rating. In addition, revolving credit cards may account for 30 percent of a credit score.

Although managing debt is possible for some, individuals faced with unmanageable debt may benefit by consulting with an attorney. An attorney experienced in bankruptcy may be able to advise on how an individual might restructure or eliminate debt to make a fresh start.