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June 2016 Archives

Tax refunds and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Texas residents who would like to keep their income tax refund while in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be interested in knowing more about petitioning the court to that effect. Because it is considered disposable income, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee is most likely to demand that the full tax refund be turned over for disbursement among the debtor's creditors. Dependent upon the set of circumstances surrounding the debtor's situation, however, it may be possible for that individual to petition the court to excuse one or all future tax refunds.

New regulations could allow student loan forgiveness

Many Texas college students pursue degrees that they believe will lead to jobs. When colleges misinform students about job placement rates, unemployed graduates are left with a large amount of debt and no means to pay it back. Now, students who acquired federal student loan debt while going to a college that defrauded them will be able to have their loans forgiven.

Debt forgiveness often comes at a price

Texas residents who are struggling to make ends meet sometimes pursue debt forgiveness or debt settlement because they are worried that their credit ratings will suffer and their assets will be seized if they file for bankruptcy. Many companies offer to help debtors to negotiate settlements with credit card companies and other lenders that they claim could save them hundreds or thousands of dollars, but they rarely mention that their clients may be left far worse off than they would have been had they filed for bankruptcy instead.

The logistics of forgiving debt like John Oliver

Texas fans of John Oliver may have watched his show where he bought $15 million worth of medical debt for $60,000 and then canceled it. An organization called Rolling Jubilee has been doing something similar for several years and recently shifted its focus from medical debt to student loan debt. However, even these efforts represent a very small amount of the total Americans owe.

CPS & Child Neglect

Controversial affairs have aroused the people from all around, particularly, the Gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. Critics are defining this as an issue of the lack of safety regulations and structure of the exhibit the Cincinnati Zoo needed in order to prevent the current incident. Others are focusing on the issue of whether the child's parents are responsible for criminal charges, such as endangerment of a child? Or would this be considered Child neglect? Would it be a combination of both?

Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

The sports world and the rest of the planet have lost a true gem of a man.  Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay has passed away at the age of 74.  The self-proclaimed "The Greatest" pugilist that ever lived, he was a man that stood up for what he believed in.

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