CPS & Child Neglect

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Child Custody |

Controversial affairs have aroused the people from all around, particularly, the Gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. Critics are defining this as an issue of the lack of safety regulations and structure of the exhibit the Cincinnati Zoo needed in order to prevent the current incident. Others are focusing on the issue of whether the child’s parents are responsible for criminal charges, such as endangerment of a child? Or would this be considered Child neglect? Would it be a combination of both?

Both Animal Activists groups and the media have portrayed this incident as if the parents were not keeping a close eye on their child. Had the parents kept a close eye on him, he would have never gone into the Gorilla’s enclosure. By paying attention to their child, the rare Gorilla would not have been killed. The child’s parents have received death threats because of this incident. Everyone involved in this matter seem to be pointing fingers at each other.

A major question is who is to blame for the harm that came to both the child and death of the gorilla? Moreover, is this matter considered both a Criminal law and a Family law matter? If the parents are convicted of criminal charges then Child Protective Services will get involved. Placement of the child would be the next step. The parents would need to hire both a Criminal Defense Attorney and a Family Law attorney to combat these allegations.