Texas Is No Longer The Leader In Executions

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Texas has gained a notorious reputation for using the death penalty more than any other state. More than 500 people have been executed here since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976. However, according to an article from Dallas News, this year marks a substantial decline in executions. Is this a sign that Texas is lightening up on criminals?

Reasons For The Decline In Capital Punishment

The article offers many factors that may have contributed to the declining number of executions. For example, in 2005, Texas adopted life without parole as a punishment. This may be taking the place of the death penalty in many major criminal cases.

Furthermore, there are the realities of prosecuting death penalty cases. They are expensive, and that may serve as a deterrent for prosecutors. The article also states that criminal defense may have risen in quality over the years. Additionally, there has been a increase in the number of stays of execution.

One Thing That Is Not A Factor

There is no mention in the article that this is indicative of Texas easing up on criminal prosecutions in general. The truth is that the state still takes an aggressive stance against people accused of crimes. Consequences remain serious, even if the death penalty is less likely. Drug crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence offenses and other crimes can still result in severe and life-changing penalties.

If you are accused of a crime, you must recognize the threat to your freedom and your future. You can benefit from having an attorney on your side who has the strength and experience to stand up for your rights, who is willing to be just as aggressive as the state of Texas in order to see that your voice is heard and justice is truly served.