You should always fight drug possession charges

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It should come as no surprise that Texas maintains fairly harsh punishments for drug possession. Whether you face charges of possession of marijuana or methamphetamines, or anything in between, you could face years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines if you do not act quickly to defend your future.

Unlike other non-violent convictions, drug charges can affect many areas of your life, making it far more difficult to lead a healthy, productive life if you make a mistake.

A drug possession conviction can mean that many employers simply refuse to even look at your resume. It can also keep many rental properties from considering your application, making it very difficult to find affordable, safe housing.

Drug convictions can cause heartache in even more surprising and unfair ways. If you have a drug conviction on your record, you may face extra difficulties if you choose to pursue adopting a child later in life.

Every moment that you waste without skilled, professional legal representation following drug charges is a moment that the state has to build a stronger case against you, possibly determining your future for years to come.

There are many ways to fight drug charges

An experienced attorney can evaluate the nuances of your situation and develop a personalized strategy to ensure that your case is heard fairly. Different circumstances may mean different approaches to fighting your charges.

Depending on how the charges occurred, your attorney may successfully claim that the drugs in question do not actually belong to you.

For instance, if you live in a house with several other individuals, or if you recently had a number of houseguests or hosted a party, it is reasonable to argue that drugs found in your home are not actually yours.

Similarly, many drug charges result from a traffic stop where the arresting officer did not follow proper procedures and may have violated your constitutional rights.

If you face drug possession charges after a traffic stop where an officer searched your vehicle without your consent, then you may object on grounds of illegal search and seizure. The law maintains that an officer must either have your consent, a warrant to search your specific vehicle, or meet the standard of probable cause to search your vehicle.

However, the means of fighting drug charges do not stop there. You can also demand a laboratory analysis of the substance in question. Should the analysis prove inconclusive, or better yet, prove that the substance is not the drug you’re accused of having, you can gain leverage.

The prosecution and law enforcement agencies involved in the arrest must also maintain proper procedures in storing the evidence. You may demand that the prosecution produce the actual drugs in question, which places a burden on them to find the specific evidence against you. If they cannot produce it, the case will have difficulty moving forward.

Do not hesitate to build a strong defense

No matter the nature of your drug charges, you should always fight them, for the sake of your future and for the people who know and love you.

With a strong team of legal professionals working for your fair treatment using years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured that your rights remain protected throughout the fight.