Buying cold medicine to make meth may be a crime in Texas

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Methamphetamine has become a scourge in the state of Texas. It can lead to erratic, even criminal behavior and poses real health risks to its users. The state has taken steps to reduce the prevalence of the drug.

One of those steps includes limiting and tracking the purchase of medications with active ingredients frequently used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Unfortunately, it is still possible for someone who is making meth for personal use or distribution to travel to a number of stores and purchase enough medication to cook methamphetamine on their own.

If law enforcement believes that your purchasing of cold medicine come from a desire to create methamphetamine because of the number of packages you buy, frequency of purchases or visits to numerous stores, you could end up arrested. Felony criminal charges for the manufacturing of methamphetamine are serious in Texas and could cost you years of your life.

If you are facing criminal charges related to the sourcing of methamphetamine ingredients or manufacturing meth, you need to speak with an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Meth use and manufacturing charges may come from a health issue

Addiction is a disease that requires treatment. Unfortunately, the United States and the state of Texas treat addiction to meth as a crime. Particularly if you are a first time offender or making methamphetamine only for personal use to avoid the illegal black market, an experienced attorney may be able to get your charges dismissed in favor of substance abuse treatment, probation and community service. It may also be possible to have your charges lowered to a similar, but non-drug related offense with the help of the right attorney.

In some cases, people who are facing charges for methamphetamine manufacturing really just needed a lot of medication, possibly due to a large family, a suppressed immune system or serious allergies. Your attorney can review your situation and determine what defense strategies are best in your situation.

It may be possible to have some evidence thrown out, making it easier to defend yourself. Alternatively, the courts may be more lenient if there is a provable underlying cause for your addiction.

The right attorney can make a difference

While you are entitled to the help of a public defender, these attorneys are often overworked. Even worse, your public defender may not have any experience with serious drug charges. If you’re hoping to avoid jail or fight your charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best option.

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