Did addiction struggles lead to criminal meth charges?

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Addiction is a terrible condition. What started as an experiment or even an accident can become a dangerous habit that defines every day of your life. You may experience the ups of being high, followed by tweaking and crashing when you can’t get high.

Addiction can provoke you to act in ways that you would have never dreamed possible. You could ignore those closest to you, even your children. You could lash out at loved ones who confront you about the addiction cycle or even steal from family members to ensure you can get your next fix. It can leave you isolated and even more drug dependent.

Some people don’t even intentionally try harder drugs, like methamphetamine. Those who sell drugs like marijuana or cocaine on the black market have been known to intentionally taint popular drugs with more addictive substances. They may sell pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes with methamphetamine or another drug includes, or they may just sprinkle the harder drug into the package of drugs someone is buying. Whether you ended up addicted because someone tricked you or because of your own decision, you deserve support when you try to end your addiction, not criminal penalties.

Addiction is often rooted in trauma or abuse

Studies show that many people who engage in criminal behavior or who suffer from substance abuse may have experienced neglect or abuse during childhood or adolescence. Illegal drugs become a quick and easy way to self-medicate to deal with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress or low self-esteem. Numbing behavior, like excess drinking or drug abuse, can help someone with a difficult past ignore the issues driving the self-destructive addiction. That’s why court-related detox and addictions programs have low success rates. People need to treat the underlying issues that cause addiction.

Prison is not a place where you can expect compassion and therapy. Many people who struggle with drug abuse may be mistreated and harassed in jail. Worse, they can expand their network of criminals, making it easier to fall into dangerous life habits after finishing their sentence. Getting these people the help they need to address the root cause of their addiction, as well as social support to help maintain sobriety, is the real key to recovery. If you’re facing criminal charges related to meth possession, working with an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can help you connect with resources.

Your attorney can advocate for you

Diversion to a treatment program or even a reduced sentence is you seek therapy could be options for your case. Your attorney can review your situation and the charges you face to determine what your best choice may be. Working with an attorney who will fight for you can improve your chances of a positive outcome to your case.