Be prepared to defend yourself if you’re facing a DWI in Texas

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You have always enjoyed drinking a little too much for your health, but lately, it has gotten you into trouble. You were traveling home after drinking at a bar one night and ended up with your second DUI. Just a short time later, you were caught driving with a revoked license. Now, you’re facing serious penalties.

It’s never good when penalties start to accrue against you, but you still have a chance to take steps to help yourself. Regardless, the state of Texas does have some harsh DWI laws that of which you should be aware.

If you were caught driving without a license, you’re in for double trouble

Fines of $10,000 and up to 10 years in prison await those convicted of their third DWI in Texas. This is in addition to losing your license for up to two years. However, because you already lost your license with your second DWI, you may also face charges for driving without a license and driving recklessly. Charges add up, and the prosecution is more likely to throw the book at you because of your recent errors being so close together.

How can you help yourself if you’re stopped when you were drinking?

Even if you’re caught without a license and driving recklessly, you should still fight to get your charges reduced as much as possible. For example, if you are accused of DWI, driving without a license and reckless behavior, you may be able to have some of the charges dropped or downgraded.

A good example would be if the officer stopped you without probable cause. If you’re driving normally, there may not be a reason to pull you over. Another way to fight the charges could be to prove that the evidence is inadmissible or that you were not intoxicated when you were stopped. You may still face other charges, but the threat of a DWI or felony DWI no longer would exist.

A DWI has the potential to land you in jail for years, and with other charges added, you could be in for a harsh wake-up call. It’s very important that you understand your rights and defense options early on in the process so that you can do everything possible to prevent the charges from becoming convictions. With help and good negotiation techniques, you may be able to avoid a prison sentence or other harsh penalties.