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January 2019 Archives

Threats you make online can have real world consequences

The internet seems to have a way of bringing out the worst in certain people. People often use extreme or inflammatory rhetoric to grab attention and provoke responses from their viewers or readers. Internet communication often tends to be self-centered and exaggerated. This can lead to people saying things online that are quite different from how they communicate face-to-face.

Alcohol use may lead to crime

After going out drinking, have you ever woken up wondering what you did last night? Maybe you made some posts on social media that make you cringe. Maybe you called someone you vowed never to call again. Maybe you got into an argument with a friend and now you have to mend fences.

Joyriding can be anything buy joyful once you get caught

The term joyriding is misleading. It seems to imply an action that is frivolous and fun with no significant consequences. However, joyriding refers to the practice of taking someone else's vehicle or even boat and driving it without permission. Often, joyriding involves teenagers or individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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