Alcohol use may lead to crime

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After going out drinking, have you ever woken up wondering what you did last night? Maybe you made some posts on social media that make you cringe. Maybe you called someone you vowed never to call again. Maybe you got into an argument with a friend and now you have to mend fences.

It happens. Odds are you have woken up with some regrets about what you did while under the influence. It’s well known that drinking can impact your decision-making abilities and your inhibitions. This can lead to some serious mistakes.

But what about when things get more serious? What about when you commit a crime while intoxicated?

Studies have found links between criminal activity and alcohol use. A few common crimes people commit after drinking include:

  • Drunk driving: It’s not as if you intentionally chose to put yourself in danger. You may have honestly thought you felt sober enough to drive. It’s sometimes hard to gauge and what felt like a good decision may not seem so solid when the flashing lights come on behind you.
  • Theft: Some studies claim that around 15 percent of robbery cases have a link to alcohol. People may steal things just because they think it’s funny or they want the thrill. While intoxicated, it’s hard to judge the real risk of getting caught or think about the long-term ramifications.
  • Assault and battery: There’s a reason that bar fights are a bit of a cliche. Alcohol makes some people more aggressive. It can also lead to mood swings. You may seem like a calm, reserved person at work every day, but you may feel ready to lash out after a few drinks. That’s especially problematic in a bar, where another person may feel exactly the same way. If you encounter each other, it can lead to a fight.
  • Abuse and domestic violence: If you have a slightly strained home life, it can reach a peak after you’ve been drinking. You may find it harder to control your temper. This could cause you to physically abuse someone when you would never lay a hand on them while you were sober.
  • Disturbing the peace: In some cases, people who have had too much to drink are so rowdy and wound up that neighbors decide it’s time to call the police. For instance, if you’re in the street yelling at someone else in the middle of the night, even though no physical altercation occurred, you could still get arrested.

If you do get arrested after drinking and you find yourself regretting your actions, it’s time to focus on your future. You need to know what legal rights and defense options you have.