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Shoplifting: A major risk even with lower-priced items

Generally speaking, if you tell someone you once shoplifted, most people wouldn't think much of it. It's fairly common for teens to shoplift and younger adults might even do so in a time of crisis. The problem with shoplifting is that it can get you into deep trouble with the law, even if the item you shoplift isn't worth a lot of money.

You should always fight drug possession charges

It should come as no surprise that Texas maintains fairly harsh punishments for drug possession. Whether you face charges of possession of marijuana or methamphetamines, or anything in between, you could face years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines if you do not act quickly to defend your future.

Are you at risk for a drug manufacturing charge?

Texas has some of the strictest drug laws in the country. If the court has charged an individual with manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs, the consequences can be severe. If you have taken part in any portion of the production process, the court can charge you with a criminal offense. Even the selling of certain chemicals, equipment, or an offer to assist with production can result in a criminal charge.

Probation isn't always an easy sentence

Probation might seem like the best resolution to your criminal case. You might soon realize this isn't really the case once you learn about the terms of probation. You can face a very limited life. If you don't abide by the restrictions and rules, you can face a probation violation.

Shoplifting more than $1,500 in Texas can cost you

The state of Texas doesn't deal kindly with shoplifters. Even those accused of taking an item worth $20 could receive a $500 fine and up to a year in jail. First time offenders and those taking things that the court considers basic survival items, such as non-luxury food items, may receive more lenient sentencing. Overall, however, repeat offenders and those taking items for personal pleasure may face serious consequences for shoplifting in Texas. For those accused of shoplifting something worth $1,500 or more, the charges could increase from misdemeanor charges to felony theft charges.

Possessing butane hash oil in Texas is a serious criminal offense

Marijuana has remained popular for decades despite its illegality. Many times, the distinct odor associated with the plant is what helps law enforcement find people who are using or cultivating this prohibited plant. Marijuana users and growers have found a way to minimize that risk - creating butane hash oil. Also called BHO, wax, oil or shatter, this marijuana concentrate comes from chemically extracting the active ingredients in marijuana. While it often retains some of the smell of the plant, it is often fainter and easier to conceal. BHO is also many times stronger than plant-form marijuana.

Possession of marijuana and the law in Texas

Over the course of recent years, the opinions of the general population of the nation regarding marijuana and its use have been steadily changing. The rise of the use of marijuana for medical purposes and the growing body of research regarding the drug have done a lot to push the idea of "reefer madness" out of the minds of most people. However, the laws of states are sometimes slow to catch up with public opinion.

Texas Is No Longer The Leader In Executions

Texas has gained a notorious reputation for using the death penalty more than any other state. More than 500 people have been executed here since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976. However, according to an article from Dallas News, this year marks a substantial decline in executions. Is this a sign that Texas is lightening up on criminals?

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