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Bankruptcy Court in Plano, Texas

The Bankruptcy Court for the United States District Court Eastern Division on Texas sits in Plano, Texas.  The Court is actually located in the Wells Fargo Bank Building that is on the east side of North Central Expressway and Plano Parkway.  Adversarial proceedings and contested hearings in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases are heard there in front of the judge.

Drugs and Search of the Car

In a case out of Dallas, the Texas Appellate Court reviewed a case where following the defendant's refusal of consent to a vehicle search, the officer had reasonable suspicion to detain the defendant pending a dog sniff, given the officer's observations of two air fresheners and a can of Febreeze and the defendant's body language indicating, the officer's view, deceptions.  "When the officer returned to where the defendant was standing and asked for consent to search the vehicle, the defendant turned and looked at his vehicle and turned back and 'kind of hesitated' before refusing consent to search.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Collin County

Many people have had to turn to relief under the Bankruptcy Code in Collin County, Texas.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often the chapter of bankruptcy that many debtors choose if they pass the Means Test.  Chapter 7 is often the most appropriate chapter if the debtor is current on the homestead, current on the cars, and has unsecured debt that is unaffordable.

Driving While Intoxicated in Texas

Driving While Intoxicated in Texas (or DWI) is probably one of, if not the most arrested offenses in the State.  In order for the police officer to make an arrest, the cop only has to have probable cause in order to take you to jail.  In other words, the cop has to be able to testify that he probably believed that you had lost the normal use of your mental or physical faculties (i.e. that you were intoxicated).

Allen DWI

If you are pulled over for an offense and an officer smells alcohol on your breath in Allen, Texas then there is a good chance that the officer will ask you to submit to some Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  Those tests are for the officer to be able to justify that he had probable cause in order to arrest you for DWI.

McKinney, Texas D.W.I. Attorney

Collin County's courthouse is located in McKinney, Texas.  If you are pulled over after having a couple of drinks and the police officer smells alcohol in one of Collin County's cities, like McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, etc. than you will likely be asked to perform a series of tests.  The police officer may tell you that he or she is making sure that you are OK to drive, and that may be the case.  However, in my experience he is simply trying to build evidence for the State to use at trial to show you were intoxicated.

Allen, Texas Bankruptcy

Sometimes people fall on hard times.  Death, divorce, loss of job, reduction in income can all be reasons that citizens are forced into debt.  Unfortunately, sometimes people fall behind on their homes and are facing foreclosure or are behind on their cars and are in danger of repossession.  

How do I file bankruptcy in Texas?

Filing bankruptcy in Texas is extremely advantageous.  As a debtor filing for protection under the Bankruptcy Code in Texas you have the ability to make a selection as to the list of exemptions that you utilize according to your situation in order to maximize the amount of property that you can keep.  If your bankruptcy is filed correctly by an experienced bankruptcy attorney then typically, debtors lose nothing at all. 


As a debtor filing for bankruptcy in Texas, you have an advantage.  The advantage is that you have an election to make as to whether you want to take the Texas list of exemptions or the list of exempt property under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Exempt property is property you get to keep if you file a bankruptcy.

Under the Texas property code, no cash or stocks (that are not under a retirement umbrella) are exempt.  However, if you have less than $20,000 per spouse of equity in your homestead then you will have a wildcard exemption under the federal list to claim otherwise non-exempt property as exempt.

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