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Here's how you can fight a shoplifting charge

You were walking through a store when the clerk approached you. He asks if he can have the item he believes you stashed in your pocket. Confused, you say no, because you didn't take anything.

Now, he's asking that you stay where you are while he calls security. You don't leave, because you know this is a misunderstanding. Moments later, you're being told that a camera saw you take something and that the police are being called. You empty your pockets to find a small item you don't recall picking up.

What is the best domestic violence defense strategy?

A domestic violence charge is extremely serious, as this can change your life in many ways.

For example, a conviction could land you in prison for an extended period of time. Along with this, even if you avoid a conviction, a charge could keep you from seeing your children for several months or longer.

Did addiction struggles lead to criminal meth charges?

Addiction is a terrible condition. What started as an experiment or even an accident can become a dangerous habit that defines every day of your life. You may experience the ups of being high, followed by tweaking and crashing when you can't get high.

Addiction can provoke you to act in ways that you would have never dreamed possible. You could ignore those closest to you, even your children. You could lash out at loved ones who confront you about the addiction cycle or even steal from family members to ensure you can get your next fix. It can leave you isolated and even more drug dependent.

Texas laws are hard on strangulation cases

Domestic violence is a persisting problem in some communities. It puts people at risk of losing their lives. Despite this, many victims don't want to speak out, so it's the responsibility of the community to be educated on injuries and what to look for.

One of the specific kinds of injuries that is illegal in Texas is choking. Choking or impeding breath is just steps away from a murder. This is why it's important to protect yourself against these charges right away.

What happens when you violate the terms of your Texas probation?

You faced criminal charges and either because of a plea deal or because of extenuating circumstances, you received probation instead of incarceration. At the time that it happened, you were probably very grateful and relieved. However, as time passes, you may begin to feel bitter and frustrated by the terms of your probation. Probation may be a way to ensure your continued freedom, but it can feel like an encroachment on your freedom instead. That can lead to making some poor decisions, like going to the bar with a couple of friends. After all, how could that end up causing you more trouble?

Unfortunately, small mistakes when you're on probation can result in the courts revoking probation. When that happens, you will end up incarcerated to serve the sentence you would have received instead of probation. Even seemingly small things, like being in the vehicle as a passenger when someone else gets arrested, could be enough to get your probation revoked. If you've been accused of a probation violation, you need to take that as seriously as the initial charges. Judges in Texas are less likely to be lenient if they believe you have already taken advantage of previous leniency.

Are you facing charges for growing marijuana in Texas?

Even if you never intended to sell it to someone else, growing marijuana in Texas is a serious offense. You may think that growing your own marijuana isn't a big issue, but law enforcement and the courts will not agree with that opinion. Unless you just sprouted the seeds, you could very well be facing felony possession charges.

You could also face separate charges for any paraphernalia found by law enforcement. If you have equipment for making butane hash oil, that could carry additional felony charges. Even if you have a serious medical condition, you will likely face the court without being able to raise a medical use defense. Simple possession in the form of growing your own marijuana could end up costing you 20 years of your life or even more, depending on the circumstances.

Understand the terms of probation in Texas

Adult probation is a possible penalty for some people when they are facing serious criminal charges. This program is an alternative to prison for people who are convicted of a criminal act.

For people who are facing life on probation, it is essential to find out what terms are present for the probation so that they can ensure that they are in compliance. Failing to comply with probation terms can lead to the person being charged with a probation violation.

Caught shoplifting? Here's what you should know

You went to the mall with a friend, and you checked out a few cool stores. You didn't think much of the trip and decided not to buy anything while you were out. Not long after you left the last store, security approaches you.

You're told that you'll need to wait because the police have been called. You're both being accused of shoplifting. You tell the security guard he can go through your things to check for the item, because you know you didn't take anything.

Buying cold medicine to make meth may be a crime in Texas

Methamphetamine has become a scourge in the state of Texas. It can lead to erratic, even criminal behavior and poses real health risks to its users. The state has taken steps to reduce the prevalence of the drug.

One of those steps includes limiting and tracking the purchase of medications with active ingredients frequently used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Unfortunately, it is still possible for someone who is making meth for personal use or distribution to travel to a number of stores and purchase enough medication to cook methamphetamine on their own.

What happens when you violate probation in Texas?

Probation is a lot like purgatory. For many people, it is this liminal place between the criminal justice system and freedom. Probation is often issued to first time offenders, youthful offenders or those whose community contributions could outweigh their crime. Probation is a criminal punishment administered at sentencing, meaning that those on probation were found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or plead guilty. Probation allows the courts to monitor you for additional illegal activity. If you follow the rules of your probation, when it ends, you are free. If you violate probation, there can be consequences.

Probation generally has terms that include meeting with a court official at regular intervals, availability for regular drug and alcohol screening and avoiding all law breaking. If you get arrested, fail to appear when summoned or fail a drug test, you may end up in jail. Violating your probation could leave you vulnerable to incarceration and other serious punishments. If you believe you violated your probation or if you got arrested while on probation, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help reduce the negative consequences of a violation.

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