Drug convictions can ruin your life.  We can help, but only if you reach out to our narcotics defense team.

Whether you were arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana or for moving large quantities of narcotics, you face jail or prison time. You need our experienced drug defense attorneys to represent you. With a former in-house special assistant to the district attorney at our firm, we have unique insight into how the State pursues drug cases.

Since 1974, we have been helping protect the rights of people throughout North Texas. You can be sure we have the experience to properly defend you against all types of drug charges, including, but not limited to:

Result: Motion to Suppress Evidence in each case GRANTED and both CASES DISMISSED. Charges: Two counts of 3rd Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Drug-Free School Zone. Client faced 20 years confinement if convicted with stacked sentences and considering his very extensive criminal history, stacking was a real possibility. State of Texas vs. K.L.

Result: CASE DISMISSED LESS THAN A MONTH AFTER HIRING OUR FIRM. Charge: Felony Possession of Controlled Substance PG 1.
A.C. was caught with cocaine in his car when he was pulled over by Dallas Police. He posted bond and came directly to see Mr. Pelley. State of Texas vs. A.C.

Result: CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Felony Delivery of Marijuana Less than 5 Pounds in a Drug Free School Zone.
This client was facing 10 years confinement for delivery in a school zone. After Mr. Pelley filed the Motion to Suppress, the felony charges were dismissed. State vs. C.B.


Did you know that phone calls from jail are often recorded and that letters you write from jail are read by the District Attorney's office? Anyone you communicate with — even other inmates — can be forced to testify against you in court.

In all drug possession and manufacture/delivery cases, we will investigate to determine whether the evidence against you was obtained illegally. Did the police have a reason to stop you? Did they have permission to search your car or a warrant to search your house? Did probable cause to arrest you exist? Did the police violate your Fourth Amendment privacy rights? Did the police have a valid search or arrest warrant? Did they read you your Miranda Rights before interrogating you? The evidence obtained in an illegal search or seizure cannot be used against you if you have a legal team that knows how to protect your privacy rights.

Find out if you were the victim of an illegal search or seizure. It is disturbing how often that happens. The police who arrested you have not been successfully attacking improper investigations for decades. OUR DEFENSE TEAM HAS.

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