Warning Signs: "Should I Talk To A Bankruptcy Lawyer?"

Debt problems are common, but how do you know if they have gotten out of control?

Bankruptcy Warning Signs

Generally speaking, any one of the following warning signs likely signify you are deep in debt and need to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer immediately:

  • You are in credit card debt and are not able to comfortably make more than double the minimum monthly payments;
  • You are facing home foreclosure;
  • You are behind on your car payments and receiving threats of repossession;
  • You have been sued or are in danger of receiving a lawsuit or already have a judgment against you;
  • You have unpaid medical bills;
  • You have a business that did not work as you envisioned;
  • You have even considered taking out a loan against your home to pay off credit card debt;
  • You have even considered borrowing against your retirement to pay down your unsecured debt;
  • You tried Obama's home modification program and it has not worked;
  • You have had a home foreclosed upon or a car repossessed;
  • You have old debts, such as old broken apartment leases or repossessed cars that you still owe on the deficiency.

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