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Bankruptcy Case Results

Result: M.J. discharged all of her credit card debt and the IRS back taxes through the Chapter 7 and adversarial proceeding. – M.J. had over $85,000 in unsecured debt from caring for a sick family member as well as over $10,000 in back taxes. The IRS argued that the tax return was not timely filed, but we proved to the court that it was. In re: M.J.

Result: E.A. kept her house and was able to discharge all of her credit card debt in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. – E.A. was posted for foreclosure on 3/1/16. We filed a Chapter 13 on February 29, 2016 and were able to stop the foreclosure and save her home. She is currently paying her mortgage arrears through a Chapter 13 case. In re: E.A.

Result: We proved to the U.S. Trustee that this family passed the 2nd half of the two-part Means Test and were eligible to file a Chapter 7. In short, they saved tens of thousands of dollars by choosing our trial lawyers to represent them. – This family of three had $60,000 in unsecured debt and needed to get out from under it quickly so they could start saving for retirement and their child’s college education. They met with several other bankruptcy attorneys before meeting with us. Every other firm told them that they made too much money to file Chapter 7. Thus, the other firms’ attorney fees for a Chapter 13 would be at least triple what it would be for a Chapter 7. The family made $110,000 a year. According to the IRS’s guidelines, the income for a family of three to pass the first half of the Means Test is just under $60,000. In re: R.G. & S.G.

Result: T.D. got her car back, saved a lot of money in interest, and discharged her unsecured debts. – Client’s vehicle was repossessed on 4/19/16. We filed T.D.’s Chapter 13 case on 4/22/16. We were able to recover the vehicle and pay off the balance through a Chapter 13 case at a much lower interest rate. In re: T.D.

Result: The H’s beat cancer, discharged the ridiculous medical bills that were not covered by the insurance company they had paid religiously for years, and got rid of their rental house nightmare. – Mrs. H. went through several courageous bouts with cancer and fought through many rounds of chemotherapy. This resilient couple had $160,000 in medical debt and a rental house they could neither sell nor afford to maintain. Right before we were going to file, Mrs. H’s cancer came back. She did not quit fighting. So, we postponed filing until she beat it again and included the newly generated medical debt in her Chapter 7 filing. In re: J.H. & M.H.

Result: R.B. saved his car and saved a lot of money by hiring us. – R.B. could not stay current on his vehicle payments because of the high interest rate and it was up for repossession. We filed a Chapter 13 for him, put an end to the repossession efforts and he is currently repaying the vehicle loan through a Chapter 13 case at a much lower interest rate. In re: R.B.

Result: We filed Chapter 7 for them both personally and for their business. They discharged nearly three million dollars in business and personal debt and got a fresh financial start. – This family owned a company that supplied medical equipment. Much of their business involved clients on Medicaid. When Medicaid put a moratorium on payments to providers in the area, their well-established business quickly fell apart. In re: W.L. & P.L.

Result: T.H.’s car was returned, he saved a lot of money by reducing his interest rate on the car, and he discharged all of his credit card debt. – T.H.’s vehicle was repossessed on May 13, 2016. We filed his Chapter 13 case six days later and we were able to recover the vehicle. T.H. is currently paying the vehicle note through a Chapter 13 Plan at a much lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. In re: T.H.

Result: Thanks to our knowledge of an obscure exception to the Means Test, these clients were able to discharge all of their unsecured debts in a quick and easy Chapter 7 case. – These clients had a tremendous amount of credit card debt. However, because of their income they failed the first half of the two-part Means Test. Nevertheless, we proved that they qualified for an exception to the B22 income requirement as disabled veterans. We showed the U.S. attorney this couple met all three of the prongs for this exception. In re: A.J. & J.J.

Result: J.W. got rid of the garnishment from her judgment and was able to reduce her monthly budget and discharge all of her unsecured debts. – Client had a garnishment action against her from a Judgment and a high interest vehicle note. Client filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the garnishment and repay the vehicle note through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy at a lower interest rate and lower the monthly payments on her car. In re: J.W.

Result: This family was thrilled with our firm for not only getting rid of $160,000 of unsecured debt, but also paying less than half of what they owed on their car to own it outright. – This family owed $160,000 in unsecured debt and $16,000 on their car at around 20% interest. They made almost $100,000 a year. That is over $30,000 more than what the Code says you pass the first half of the Means Test indicates for a Chapter 7. Mrs. C. lost her job shortly before filing, so their 6-month average “current monthly income” did not properly reflect their realistic income moving forward. After filing an affidavit of unemployment, we convinced the U.S. Trustee that this family was eligible for a Chapter 7 and we discharged all of their burdensome pre-existing unsecured debts. However, the beauty didn’t stop there: The car that they owed $16,000 on was only worth $8,000 and they were getting killed on the interest rates due to bad credit. We filed a Motion to Redeem and they paid only $8,000 for their car, which saved them over $10,000 over the life of the loan. In re: J.J. & J.C.

Result: A.N. got her car back and will discharge her credit card debt while lowering the monthly payments on the vehicle. – Her vehicle was repossessed on 3/21/16. A.N. filed an emergency Chapter 13 bankruptcy case on 3/24/16 and we were able to recover the vehicle for her. A.N. is currently paying the vehicle note through her Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan at a much lower interest rate and a much lower monthly payment. In re: A.N.

Result: We hired a translator for this deaf couple who also went with us to meet with the 341 Trustee Meeting and they received a quick and painless discharge of all of their unsecured debts. – This couple had an enormous amount of unsecured debt. After visiting with several bankruptcy law firms, they were exasperated by the inability to communicate their financial questions and concerns. Then they reached out to us. The first lengthy meeting was conducted by passing notes back and forth. Then, we hired an ASL translator to accommodate these good people and make them feel as calm as possible. In re: J.A. & M.A.

Result: E.N. saved his house from going back to the bank and discharged his unsecured debts. – E.N. was posted for foreclosure on 3/1/16. We filed a Chapter 13 case on 2/25/16 and stopped the foreclosure. E.N. is currently paying the mortgage arrears through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. In re: E.N.

Result: We convinced the U.S. Trustee that this couple belonged in a Chapter 7 case despite making nearly double what the IRS’s guidelines says is typical for a family of two. – This elderly married couple had over $270,000 of debt from an extended illness. However, they made almost $100,000 as a family of two. The applicable family income to file a Chapter 7 is $57,000, so they clearly failed the first half of the Means Test. We worked with them to maximize their qualified expenses. In re: W.M. & R.M.

Result: M.M. was not only able to stop the I.R.S. from charging him post-petition penalties and interest, he was also able to discharge his older IRS debts and pay the recent ones back at 0%. – M.M. had several years of IRS debt. He was able to repay the IRS debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stop all levy actions. In re: M.M.

Result: We helped K.D. file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Ultimately, all of her unsecured debts were discharged and we helped her recover thousands of dollars from the flooring company. – Our elderly client was left with tens of thousands in unsecured debt after being scammed by a flooring company that sued her and levied her bank accounts. In re: K.D.

Result: D.H. saved a lot of money on her car through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy because she was able to buy it for the amount it was actually worth, rather than the amount she owed at 4% interest. Plus, she put a permanent end to her payday loans and credit card debt. – D.H.’s car was up for repossession. She also had multiple payday loans that were draining her bank account. We filed her Chapter 13 case on 5/24/16 and were able to stop the repossession and stop all collections/garnishments from the payday loans out of the bank account. In re: D.H.

Result: We put C.B.’s ex-husband in his place and got her back on her feet. – This divorced single mother was left with a mortgage she could not afford. Her ex-husband took the mortgage payment out of her alimony every month, leaving her without enough money to buy food or gas. We filed her Chapter 7 case, discharged all of her debt (including the huge abandoned house mortgage) and helped her receive the full alimony payments. In re: C.B.

The best way of predicting your future is to research the results we have achieved in the past.


Client Testimonials

We were referred to the Pelley Law Firm by our financial advisor. What good advice that turned out to be. From the business office to the paralegals (Sarah was ours) and all the attorneys (Richard and Quinton) we were treated great. We were shown respect and understanding during our time of financial stress. And they solved our problem. They kept us up to date and informed about everything that was going on. The end result was just what we needed to continue on with our life with much less stress. There is no doubt that given the chance we will easily refer The Pelley Group at every opportunity. They did us a great service. So thanks all of you at the law firm. - B. M.
We had gone to several different lawyers. After talking to us for only two minutes, they all said the same thing - that they didn't see how we could qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They did not listen to us or to the details of our situation. So...we were depressed and in despair when we walked into the Pelley Law Office. We had gone through a lot of life changes and we weren't able to keep up with everything. But as soon as we sat down in their waiting area, they came out of their offices and talked to us. They listened. They made us feel welcome and gave us hope. Even before getting out of the waiting area, they described options and solutions that eased our fears. As soon as we signed up for their services, Pelley's team took complete control of our situation. I vividly remember Sarah telling us that, "You no longer have to worry about anything. That's our job now." And she was right. She had complete mastery of the process. She explained each step along the way. She looked at every detail in our life and agreed (where others didn't) that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was indeed the best solution. She was extremely patient with our anxiety and our repeated questions. She even showed up with Mr. Pelley to comfort us at our hearing. We highly recommend Pelley Law Office. They went out of their way to work for us and to help us. They respected us and didn't make us feel bad for the situation we were in. They fought for us not the corporations. They gave us our lives back. Thanks so much!- C.A. & T.A.

I am very pleased to endorse the law office of Mr. Pelley. Mr. Pelley and his team of professionals were instrumental in giving me a peace of mind that had been absent in my household for 10 years. My bankruptcy case was a bit of a challenge in that I have a high income and my home property is paid for. I was overlooked by 3 other law offices before seeing Mr. Pelley. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and confidence while we presented our case to him. In a matter of 15 minutes he presented an outline of steps his team and I were going to take in order to resolve my issue. He was open about possible alternatives in the event our first option didn't materialize. It was a learning experience that was made much easier by the talent of professionals that work with Mr. Pelley. Our cased proceeded just as Mr. Pelley outlined it in that first meeting. I am forever thankful for his guidance and professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the offices of Mr. Pelley to my family and friends...- J.G.

Legal Issue? I don't have one, very much due to a role played by a certain Mr. Quinton Pelley, Esq. It has been five years, a month and a few days since an event took place in my life that no one, to this day has understood, myself included.The family that Lord has given me does not often speak of you, Quinton, but when we do, we speak of you fondly. Much has changed since we first, all for the better...- P.R.
I've been very impressed with the level of professionalism provided by Pelley Law Office. I've not only received expert legal advice, but the entire staff has also treated me with dignity and respect. I've especially appreciated the prompt responses I've received from Christy Layer, a paralegal with the firm, whenever I've had questions. She's always there to help. Obviously, no one wants to face bankruptcy, but if it happens, Rick Pelley is the one to call.- B.L.
We're so thankful to Pelley for making a very painful decision a little easier to bear. We're so happy to have a fresh start! Thanks again for everything!GL

From a Mother & Father – Thank you for taking care of our son in court. He was visibly shaking when the other side showed up today. Until that point he was doing just fine. You took him under your wing and protected him and his son. There are no words to express our gratitude. - C.K. & S. K

We were new to Texas and in a difficult financial position. We were embarrassed to have to make the decision to file bankruptcy, however it was necessary. We met with the attorney at Pelley Law and knew we had found the people who were going to help us through this trying time. Our attorney was available to us and explained the process step by step so that there were never any surprises. Our Paralegal was awesome! Sarah was responsive to our many emails and questions and did not ever make us feel like we were a bother. They even went above and beyond to helped us complete the sale on our home in California. They did not have to do that, but they did and they did it effectively and efficiently. I could not recommend a better law firm.-G.J.
Thank you Quinton! You're the best attorney I know!-A.C.

A former spouse tried to have our client arrested by falsely claiming he molested their daughter during the marriage in order to gain full custody of their child and to prevent him from having access to the child. We not only avoided the criminal prosecution, but also gained the father possession and access to his minor daughter through the family law court. - A.V.

This was an Attorney General Child support case where the father, a disabled veteran, owed in excess of $25,000 plus penalties and interest in back child support. At the hearing, delinquent support was reduced by over $12,000 and all penalties and interest were vacated. Reasonable payments toward the delinquency within the father's budget were set.- J.O.
From a Mother & Father - Thank you for taking care of our son in court. He was visibly shaking when the other side showed up today. Until that point he was doing just fine. You took him under your wing and protected him and his son. There are no words to express our gratitude.-B.D.R.

Our client ceased payments of agreed spousal support upon remarriage of his ex-spouse. Following another argument, the ex-spouse filed a Motion for Enforcement. At trial, the Court requested briefs that both parties provided to the Court. The Court ruled that the spousal support was unenforceable. The ex-spouse appealed, and that Court requested additional briefs. The appeals court ruled in favor of our client and ordered the ex-wife to reimburse our client for costs and expenses.R.P.

Note from a Divorce Client -- "Again, I want to thank you so much for your time and work you've put into my case. I have full confidence in Mr. Pelley and want you to know how thankful I am to have put my trust in you."- R.S.
Thank you for getting us through a difficult time. Your assurance and guidance made it more tolerable for us. You are exceptional at trust-building. We truly appreciate all you did for us! - S.B.

This was an incredible case where we won custody for a minor child for a brother over his biological father. The mother of minor female child died leaving the father as the only living conservator. The child wanted to live with his older brother rather than the father. We intervened and requested the Court for primary custody of the child. The father contested and the case was set for trial. Our client (the brother) was appointed sole managing conservator of the child with father's rights and privileges subject to approval of brother and the child.- R.W.

Our client owed in excess of $80K in back child support and a lot of credit card debt. We filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for him and the Attorney General's Office failed to file a proof of claim for the child support listed in the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was completed and the child support claim was discharged. The Attorney General’s office filed multiple motions with the Federal Bankruptcy Court to allow them to proceed with collection efforts against our client. We contested their motions and the Federal Court denied all of their motions. The Attorney General then demanded a trial in State Court. We proceeded to trial in State Court and the Court confirmed that the child support was discharged and our client walked away free and clear of any child support. - D.W.

We saved this client a bunch of money and property after he failed to timely act after finding out his wife filed for divorce. Prior to hiring us, our client failed to file an answer after being served with a Petition for Divorce. The Court entered a default judgment awarding his ex-wife large portions of his share of the community property and 50% of our client’s separate property. Additionally, the Court ordered exorbitant amounts for child support and spousal support. Our Motion for New Trial was granted and the Court vacated all prior orders. - B.M.