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Shoplifting Charges Are Serious

What may seem like a just a minor stupid choice can turn out to ruin your ability to get a job in the future unless you hire the right law firm.

Many people arrested for shoplifting do not appreciate what is at stake until it is too late. They do not realize that they run a high risk of becoming victims themselves — victims of a system that would brand them not only as a criminal, but also as a thief for the rest of their lives.

With 80 years of combined experience defending clients in North Texas, our criminal defense attorneys know that sometimes the person who suffers most is the person accused of even the most-petty crimes: Such as shoplifting. You want an experienced lawyer with a history of success working on your case.

Result: CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Theft. Client was not a U.S. Citizen, and faced deportation back to Africa if convicted. State of Texas vs. A.Y. .

Result: CASES DISMISSED. Charge: Theft. State of Texas vs. S.K..

Result: CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Theft over $50. Client was caught in possession of stolen property and accused of shoplifting. State of Texas vs. J.H. .

Do Not Take Shoplifting Charges Lightly

Maybe you think that the worst consequence of a guilty plea or conviction for shoplifting is the embarrassment you feel. Think again. Shoplifting, like other theft offenses, is considered a “crime of moral turpitude.” A conviction for shoplifting is like an indictment against your character, one that will almost certainly impact your employment opportunities forever.

Contact Pelley Law Office, L.L.P., For Answers And Straightforward Advice

We encourage you to contact our offices immediately if you or someone you care about has been arrested for shoplifting or another theft crime in North Texas. Your initial consultation with our experienced criminal defense lawyers will be free. Do not wait. Call us at 972-608-0335.

The best way to predict your future are the results we have achieved in the past.


Case Results

State of Texas vs. S.K. Charge: Theft


United States of America v. R.H.

1. Federal Investigation Allegations: Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, & Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud when client was not eligible for probation.

2. State of Texas indictment for Felony Theft:


State of Texas vs. K.T. Charges: False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit Over $200.000.00

Client under investigation for 36 First (1ST) Degree allegations facing 99 years confinement on each charge for a potential exposure of 3,564 years in prison plus a minimum of 30 years confinement (not eligible for probation) in federal prison if convicted. Result: CASE DISMISSED.

State of Texas vs. C.R. : Charge: Aggravated Robbery

With no mask on in broad daylight client went into a gas station with a pistol and held up the clerk for the cash that was in the safe and his face was caught on a crystal clear video surveillance camera feed. Although facing 99 years confinement, our attorney at an open plea hearing in front of the judge convinced the Court to give him deferred adjudication probation rather than sentencing him to prison. Result: CLIENT RECEIVED DEFERRED ADJUDICATION PROBATION.

State of Texas vs. C.M. : Charge: Burglary of a Habitation

Client was caught and admitted to police that he was the primary actor in a series of burglaries of local dignitaries' homes. Client was facing 20 years confinement on each charge. Result: CASES DISMISSED.

State of Missouri vs. W.M. Charge: Felony Theft

Client was indicted in Missouri for felony theft and was offered 6 years imprisonment by the prosecution to the Missouri defense lawyer. A Texas resident, W.M. paid the Missouri attorney over $20,000 and the offer to W.M. never reduced. That Missouri attorney was advising W.M. he needed more money to continue to represent W.M. W.M. hired our firm for substantially less and after our attorney got permission from the Missouri judge to represent W.M. on the matter Pro Hac Vice, two weeks later the indictment was dismissed and all charges dropped. Result: CASE DISMISSED.

State of Nevada vs. A.I. Charge: Felony Theft by Check over $200,000

Client had hot check allegations over $200,00 out of Las Vegas and hired our firm. Through working with local counsel in order to save our client money, we were able to avoid any indictment. Result: CASES DISMISSED.

State of Texas vs. T.C. Charge: Engaged in Organized Crime

Client was indicted as a primary party to a extensive criminal ring of burglaries in Collin CountyResult: CASE DISMISSED.

State of Texas vs. R.K. Charge: Felony Theft

Client indicted for Felony theft that he was caught on tape committing and admitted to committing. Result: CASE DISMISSED.

State of Texas vs. M.B. Charge: Theft


State of Texas vs. P.R. Charge: Theft


State of Texas vs. S.P. Charge: Theft