Winning drug cases.

Whether you are under investigation or have been indicted for possession or delivery of drugs (heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine or any other illegal controlled substance), we can help. We feature a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense team that knows how to fight and beat challenging drug cases.

Result: CASE DISMISSED LESS THAN A MONTH AFTER HIRING OUR FIRM. Charge: Drug Possession. Acting pursuant to a search warrant, Allen police raided our client's house and found an enormous amount of illegal drugs. They also confiscated many firearms. Our client was a convicted felon--a sex offender no less. We still got all the charges dropped. State of Texas vs. J.S.

Result: Motion to Suppress Evidence in each case GRANTED and both CASES DISMISSED. Charges: Two Possession of a Controlled Substance Cases in a Drug Free School Zone.
Caught with drugs near an elementary school, this client was in serious hot water when he came in to see us. We got both felonies dismissed. State of Texas vs. K.L.

You Have Fourth Amendment Constitutional Rights.

If you have been arrested for possession or delivery of a controlled substance, it is a terrible idea to assume that you will be convicted. It is a much more ridiculous assumption that you will not be convicted unless you have the right defense team. When you have an encounter with a police officer, you have many Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless searches and seizures. First of all, the police had to have a reason to come into contact with you. Secondly, they had to be looking in an appropriate place where they find something they think is contraband. Our Constitution shelters your privacy rights from improper police intervention.

The police often go beyond the legal boundaries of where they can search for drugs or contraband. Whether on your person, in your car, or in your house — you have privacy rights that the police cannot violate. If they do, then the evidence can be thrown out and your case dismissed. But you need our team to assert your rights because you do not know how to.

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