Will You Pay Or Receive Alimony?

For many couples, divorce is the start of a new financial life. In marriages where one spouse was financially dependent on the other, alimony, or spousal support payments may be necessary.

Texas Alimony Law

Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is a payment made from a higher-earning spouse to a lower-earning spouse. In Texas, alimony is awarded based on the receiving spouse's needs.

Alimony is not automatic, and is by no means easy to get. Texas family courts require spouses to be married for at least 10 years before spousal maintenance can be awarded unless family violence has occurred.

Can I Receive Alimony?

If you are seeking alimony following your divorce, our law firm can help you determine if you are eligible to receive this monthly payment. You may be eligible to receive temporary support during the divorce proceedings, and perhaps after it is final.

Modifying Or Enforcing Alimony

It may be possible to modify your current alimony arrangement if you or your spouse's income has changed or financial need has changed. Additionally, if the paying spouse is failing to make payments on time, it may be possible to seek enforcement through the court.

What Should You Do Now?

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