Our Family Law Team is Ready to Help You With Child Support Orders, Enforcement and Modification.

After a marriage or relationship has ended, parents face determinations on how their children's financial needs will be met.

The Child Support Calculator

In Texas, child support payments are typically determined using the child support guidelines in the Family Code. The weighing factors include income, number of children, needs of the children and more.

Our team can help you understand the formula used to determine the amount of child support. We will ensure that accurate financial information is provided as well as information about your child's needs. Our goal is always to work in the best interests of your child.

Child Support Modifications

Any time a parent's financial situation changes, a modification to child support may be necessary. Texas courts will consider a child support modification if:

  • Either parent has a job loss;
  • Either parent changes jobs;
  • Financial needs of child change;
  • A child reaches age 18.

A modification may not be granted if a parent stops working voluntarily.

In addition to modifications, our law firm can assist you with child support enforcement. If you are not receiving child support, or the payor is behind on payments, the court may issue an enforcement order.

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