Grand Juries And Felony Charges

In a misdemeanor case, the police officer simply makes an arrest and signs a form affidavit that he believes " probable cause" exists that an offense occurred. The cop merely sends his offense report over to the District Attorney's Office along with that affidavit and the formal prosecution begins. It's pretty much impossible to avoid a misdemeanor prosecution. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH A FELONY PROSECUTION IF YOU ACT IMMEDIATELY!

A felony allegation is so serious that before a felony prosecution can formally begin, a panel of 12 jurors must be empaneled at a Grand Jury Meeting. The District Attorney has to prove to the Grand Jury that " probable cause" exists in order to indict you.

If you are accused of a felony offense then you do not want to wait another minute to get in to see us. We have an incredible record of getting "no-bills" (dismissal) of felony offenses.

You need our experienced Criminal Defense team that has a proven record of successful results of avoiding Grand Jury indictments.

Result: Choking Case "No-Billed" by the Grand Jury and Investigation Abandoned. Charge: Felony Assault by Impeding Breath. This defendant needed our help immediately. His fiancé had him arresting for choking her. He hired us shortly after posting bond, and the rest is history. State of Texas vs. A.B.

Result: CASE DISMISSED BEFORE THE GRAND JURY MEETING. Charge: Sexual Assault of a Child-Enhanced.
Shortly after hiring our firm, the charge was dismissed and the case closed. By hiring our firm immediately after the allegations arose, D.K. avoided indictment by the Grand Jury. As a result, D.K. did not face prison time and a lifetime of registration as a sex offender. State of Texas vs. D.K.

Result: Grand Jury returned a "no-bill" and CASE DISMISSED. Charge: Assault on a Public Servant—Habitual Offender
If indicted, then this client was facing a minimum of 25 years confinement in prison up to life. We submitted a packet to the Grand Jury. State of Texas vs. C.S.

Is A Grand Jury Being Impaneled To Indict You?

Talk to us immediately. Before the Grand Jury convenes to make the decision of whether or not to indict you for a felony, we can put together a packet to submit to the District Attorney after doing a diligent investigation of our own in your behalf if you retain us in time. If the packet can raise a doubt as to whether probable cause exists, then like many of our clients you too can avoid a felony prosecution.

If you or a loved one is under investigation for a felony, then every second that you wait to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer is good for the State and bad for you. Act now, your future depends on it.

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