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Domestic violence charges often oversimplify complex issues

Cohabitating with someone can often lead to conflict that is difficult to resolve. Even the healthiest of relationships and happiest of couples can experience conflict. Everyone handles interpersonal conflict differently, but some people find themselves in loud, even physical arguments with their spouses or partners.

Sometimes, when that conflict becomes physical or too loud, law enforcement gets involved. Neither you nor your partner may have chosen to call police. Neighbors, children or passersby could have contacted authorities out of concern. Regardless of why law enforcement arrived, they may feel the need to allocate responsibility for what happened to one of the individuals involved.

Threats you make online can have real world consequences

The internet seems to have a way of bringing out the worst in certain people. People often use extreme or inflammatory rhetoric to grab attention and provoke responses from their viewers or readers. Internet communication often tends to be self-centered and exaggerated. This can lead to people saying things online that are quite different from how they communicate face-to-face.

Trolling is a common practice, which involves saying mean or ridiculous things just to get a reaction from someone else. Other people live to start online arguments with strangers, while still others use the internet to harass, stalk or abuse people they know in real life.

Alcohol use may lead to crime

After going out drinking, have you ever woken up wondering what you did last night? Maybe you made some posts on social media that make you cringe. Maybe you called someone you vowed never to call again. Maybe you got into an argument with a friend and now you have to mend fences.

It happens. Odds are you have woken up with some regrets about what you did while under the influence. It's well known that drinking can impact your decision-making abilities and your inhibitions. This can lead to some serious mistakes.

Joyriding can be anything buy joyful once you get caught

The term joyriding is misleading. It seems to imply an action that is frivolous and fun with no significant consequences. However, joyriding refers to the practice of taking someone else's vehicle or even boat and driving it without permission. Often, joyriding involves teenagers or individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The end result can be serious property damage to the vehicle and other property, as well as injuries to the individuals engaged in joyriding or people they encounter on the road. Texas law enforcement officers and courts do not have a lenient or forgiving attitude toward anyone accused of joyriding. Even teenagers could find themselves facing felony criminal charges, potentially as an adult defendant.

Addiction to painkillers can result in criminal consequences

Addiction may be a personal health issue, but our society treats it like a criminal matter. Despite plenty of evidence that addiction has roots in both psychological trauma and physical dependence on a substance, people who struggle with addiction still get arrested and wind up in jail.

In recent years, the number of people in the United States abusing narcotic painkillers has increased substantially. In fact, in 2016, the number of people who died due to opiate, opioid or heroin overdoses surpassed the number of gun deaths in this country. Many people are now referring to narcotic addiction as an epidemic, and they are not wrong.

When a mutual argument leads to domestic violence charges

Even the happiest couple is likely to have some kind of disagreement from time to time. In some situations, those arguments could escalate into significant fights that could even turn physical. While you might believe that what happens behind closed doors will stay behind closed doors, that is not always what happens.

If your neighbors hear something untoward, they can call law enforcement. If the police show up to your place, they could very well end up arresting you even if both you and your spouse took part in the fight or altercation. Many factors will influence how law enforcement officers handle a domestic violence call.

What is paraphernalia for drugs under Texas law?

Most people who live in Texas or attend school here understand that the state has a relatively strong policy against drugs. Compared to some other states, Texas has rather strict penalties for those convicted of drug offenses ranging from possession to distribution and manufacturing.

One secondary charge often involved in both possession and distribution or trafficking charges is a paraphernalia charge. Far too many people overlook this potential legal risk, in part because paraphernalia possession is a misdemeanor offense.

One criminal conviction can ruin your reputation

Your reputation is incredibly important to your career. Whether you're trying to get a new job, bring new clients and customers to your business or ask for a promotion, your reputation plays a large role. That's especially important in the modern era, when so much information is readily available on the internet. You can't hide anything.

Experts agree that one of the fastest ways to ruin that reputation is to get convicted of a crime. It can cause you to lose your job. It can ruin your credibility. It can push potential clients and business partners away. Your career may never get back on track again.

Domestic violence and substance abuse: A complex link

You may assume that the link between domestic violence and substance abuse is easy to understand: Someone who abuses drugs or alcohol is more likely to abuse family members and those living with them. It can create domestic violence situations and lead to arrests.

At least, that's the prevailing thought from those who have never studied the issue. The reality is that it is far more complex.

Common household items can impact your pending drug charges

The Texas criminal justice system is notorious for having a harsh stance on drug offenses. While it is true that substances carry various penalties, there is no doubt that charges of manufacturing or distribution are infinitely more serious than allegations of simple drug possession.

Unfortunately, even if you don't engage in any sort of distribution practices, you could find yourself accused of an offense that involves distribution or sales.

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