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You don't have to actually steal to face Texas theft charges

Mistakes and oversights can sometimes result in criminal charges. This is even true of theft-related charges. A common example involves an individual who perhaps left an unpaid item on their cart during the checkout process. Most of the time, those charges would result in petty theft shoplifting criminal consequences.

However, it is possible for people from all different backgrounds to face serious theft charges in Texas without actively stealing from anyone else. Those who buy or sell goods secondhand or used may be at particular risk for theft charges.

Harassment takes many forms and can have serious consequences

Contrary to popular opinion, harassment does not just happen at work. While the workplace is a common source of harassment, it can actually happen anywhere. You can harass anyone that you interact with, from a neighbor to someone working at a business you patronize. Some people find themselves accused of harassment after a practical joke gone wrong or a botched attempt at flirting.

What you think of as harmless flirting or banter could actually feel intimidating or harassing to the other person involved. While that doesn't mean you should avoid interacting with other people, it does mean you should take care with how you approach other people.

When is it legal for police to take your cash or your car?

Many citizens in Texas and visitors to the state do not understand the civil asset forfeiture law in place in Texas. That can leave them vulnerable to potential abuses and financial losses. Every year, many people find themselves in a situation where police seize their cash or even their car.

Even people who never get convicted of a crime could still lose property to law enforcement in this manner. Unfortunately, in many cases, this process is legal under the Texas criminal code. Those who have lost property to law enforcement during an arrest or a search should review the details of their case carefully to determine if their items were seized unlawfully.

What are the most effective criminal defense strategies?

If you have been accused of a crime in the state of Texas, you will likely want to take immediate action in order to defend yourself and clear your name. Therefore, it is important that you understand the way that criminal defense strategies work and how you can go about getting a fair assessment of your case.

Depending on the specific situation, there are many ways in which you can go about defending yourself, whether you were guilty of the crime or not. While your defense strategy must be based on your individual circumstances, there are three main ways that you can defend yourself from a criminal accusation.

Road rage in Texas can lead to serious criminal consequences

Driving in Texas can be a uniquely frustrating experience. Many people drive as though they own the roads. They act with little concern for others. That can mean failing to use a blinker, cutting someone off or tailgating another driver. Those are only a few examples of rage-inducing driving practices common on Texas roadways.

Regardless of how poorly someone handles a vehicle, you should do your best to remain calm. Losing your temper on the road can lead to incidents of road rage, which can have serious criminal consequences for both parties involved.

Refusing roadside chemical testing won't prevent a DWI charge

Texas takes certain crimes very seriously and driving while impaired (DWI) is one of them. Especially for repeat offenders, there are significant consequences that can result from a conviction or guilty plea. Those consequences include hefty fines, loss of your license and jail time.

It's no wonder then, that many people choose to defend against criminal charges related to impaired driving. Taking a proactive stance against pending charges is a good decision.

Think carefully about what you do after a shoplifting accusation

More so today than ever before, stores of all sizes are keeping a close eye on everyone who enters. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that they don't want to become a victim of shoplifting. The more frequently this happens, the more money the store loses.

Unfortunately, with this in mind, it's not out of the question for a store owner or employee to accuse you of shoplifting when nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can this be embarrassing, but it has the potential to lead to criminal charges that will impact your life in many ways.

Threatening language on social media could mean criminal charges

Social media is an incredible tool. It helps people stay connected with friends, family and acquaintances all over the world. With a touch of a button and a few quick keystrokes, you can let everybody in your inner circle know about something exciting or disappointing that recently happened.

Unfortunately, social media also presents opportunities for people to get themselves into serious legal trouble. Arguments on social media can quickly spiral out of control. You need to make sure that you are not saying anything online that you wouldn't say to someone in real life. Aggressive language could actually mean criminal charges in the future.

Impaired driving doesn't always mean alcohol was involved

Drugged driving isn't a problem that impacts only the driver. It can affect everyone who knows that person, as well as those who are on the road when the person is behind the wheel. It is imperative that all drivers take the time to recognize what it means to be driving impaired because this doesn't always have to do with alcohol.

One important thing that people don't realize is that illegal drugs do not always lead to a DWI charge. This fact alone means that people might actually be breaking the law without realizing what they are doing.

Drinking can lead to flaring tempers and then assault charges

Alcoholism is a serious concern in American society. Many people enjoy a drink after work, but not everyone has the strength to stop after one or two drinks. Some people will drink at bars or parties until they can't stand up, while others will drink in private to avoid the judgment of others. There are many risks involved with alcohol abuse, including the potential for driving while impaired charges.

It's all to easy for someone who routinely drinks to lose his or her temper while under the influence. All it takes is one disagreement that goes too far and you could find yourself facing serious criminal charges, including assault.

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