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Alcoholism can get you in serious trouble with the law

For all intents and purposes, having an alcohol problem isn't "illegal" per se. However, it could lead to various behaviors and activities that get you into serious trouble with the law. Not the least of these behaviors is drunk driving.

Not only could drunk driving get you arrested and charged with a serious crime, but it could endanger you and your loved ones' lives. Approximately every 20 minutes, someone either dies or suffers an injury because of a car accident caused by intoxicated driving. This is why police enforce DWI laws so strictly and it's why the penalties are so severe.

A joyride in someone's vehicle could mean major criminal charges

It happens all the time in the movies and on television shows. Someone needs to get somewhere in an emergency, so they jump into someone else's vehicle and drive off. Adults under the influence of drugs or alcohol could find themselves making a truly questionable decision involving someone else's car. Teenagers, especially those in both big cities and rural areas, may find the idea of driving around for a while without concern about the damages to the vehicle freeing and fun.

However, the risk involved with these actions is relatively severe. Anyone driving under the influence is dangerous. Even if you manage to get the vehicle back to the place you took it from, you could still cause serious property damage to the vehicle involved and other property. Worse, if you get caught, you could face very serious theft charges.

Consider all your defenses to domestic violence charges

Facing domestic violence charges is never something to take lightly. Regardless of your relationship to the individual who filed them or how the severity of any injuries sustained in an altercation, the truth is that domestic violence charges may result in hefty fines and even jail time. This could completely upend your means of providing for yourself and your loved ones.

Taking your domestic violence charges seriously always entails building a strong legal defense. You may not think that you have any good defenses available, but there are usually more legal opportunities available than you realize, if you take the time to consider all sides of the matter and invest the resources you have to keep your rights secure.

Social media makes it easy to stalk and harass someone else

Social media platforms, like Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, make it easy for you to stay in contact with the people you like and admire. These unique programs let information travel almost instantly. They also make it harder to move on from a failed relationship for some people. Seeing posts by someone you care about who doesn't feel the same way can make you feel depressed or angry. You may want to reach out to that person. Doing that is very often a mistake.

Social media is unforgiving. You may make a quick comment in an emotional moment, only to garner attention from others. Deleting a post won't make it go away, since others can take screenshots. What was meant to be a joke about your ex's boat sinking on that incredible vacation could end up sounding like a threat. You may not even realize that what you're doing is a form of stalking and harassment.

Be prepared to defend yourself if you're facing a DWI in Texas

You have always enjoyed drinking a little too much for your health, but lately, it has gotten you into trouble. You were traveling home after drinking at a bar one night and ended up with your second DUI. Just a short time later, you were caught driving with a revoked license. Now, you're facing serious penalties.

It's never good when penalties start to accrue against you, but you still have a chance to take steps to help yourself. Regardless, the state of Texas does have some harsh DWI laws that of which you should be aware.

The statute of limitations protects you from your past

It's been many years since you committed a theft that is still fresh in your memory. You worry that it could come back to haunt you. You've changed your ways since you committed the crime so long ago, and you don't want it to resurface and hurt your professional career.

You feel you've paid back the debt time and time again by supporting charities and others who need help. There's no easy way to make things right, and speaking out about what you did could get you into deep trouble with the law.

What to do if you are accused of shoplifting

What happens if a store employee stops you to make an accusation of shoplifting? Will you know what to do? Do you know how to avoid mishaps that could cause you trouble down the road?

On the surface, shoplifting does not appear to be as serious as other crimes. However, you need to understand that a conviction could change your life in many ways. This is why you must understand your legal rights and the steps to take if you are ever accused of this crime.

A DWI is costly in Texas: Here are the facts

Getting a DWI in Texas is a big deal. You've violated the law, and you're likely going to face penalties as a result. Without a strong defense, there's a chance you could end up in prison or facing penalties you don't deserve.

Anyone accused of a DWI has a right to an attorney and should use that right. DWI laws are harsh, and if a conviction goes through, it has the potential to damage your life in many ways. A DWI could result in a loss of a job, strain on your personal relationships, fines and other penalties.

Possession charges are very serious matters in Texas

Many people think that having drugs in your possession isn't a big deal unless you are carrying a large quantity of the drug. This is absolutely false in Texas. It doesn't matter what type of drug you are said to be in possession of, you need to understand a few basic points about possession charges.

There is one drug that is handled a bit differently from others in Texas. That drug is marijuana. Here are a few points to remember if you are facing drug possession charges:

Texas enacts limited medical marijuana laws

While several other states have made drastic alterations in their marijuana laws, including decriminalizing it and even legalizing it for recreational use, Texas has started making its own small changes. Unfortunately, the medical marijuana program that Texas has enacted is so narrow that there are widespread doubts about who will actually qualify.

At the moment, the only form of medical marijuana that the state allows is an oil extract so mild that there is very little chance of any of the approved users getting high. However, in order to get even this form of marijuana, people will have to grow the plant. To obtain a license as a grower, an individual or company has to pay almost $500,000. Furthermore, there are only eight doctors in the entire state who are participating in the program. You may be wondering who will qualify for this limited access. Patients that have a diagnosis of intractable epilepsy and have tried two other treatments are the only people who might be eligible for the marijuana oil extract.

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