Texas Drunk Driving Laws

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2011 | DWI |

If you are pulled over in Collin County or Grayson County, or virtually and other county in North Texas and the police officer smells alcohol on your breath there is a better than not chance he or she is going to do an investigation as to whether they can find probable cause that you are intoxicated.  Why?  Well, some officers have good intentions to try to keep the roads safe.

Nevertheless, the State of Texas makes a ton of money each year off of DWI arrests.  If you are guilty of homicide, then you are eligible to have your case dismissed after a few years of following the law and paying your dues.  If you are found guilty of the offense of 1st time DWI…not drunk driving…just having a bit too much to drink and then driving in Texas…it will be on your record until you hit the grave.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

That is why it is important to aggressively defend each and every DWI case.  The police officer only had to have probable cause to arrest you.  That is a very low standard.  The State of Texas has to prove at trial that you were intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt which is the highest burden of proof in American jurisprudence.  Talk to a DWI lawyer today.