Dallas Police Officers Facing Domestic Assault Charges

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Following a series of arrests, several Dallas police officers are in various stages of the criminal justice system themselves. The officers face separate allegations of domestic violence. Their experiences demonstrate the negative consequences that can follow Texas criminal offense charges – not just convictions.

In late June, 2011, an officer was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and interference with making an emergency call, according to the Dallas Morning News. The officer is being held in jail on $2,500 bail before his day in court, despite the fact that criminal defendants are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A similar event occurred in early July, when another Dallas police officer was arrested and charged with family violence assault, a misdemeanor offense, and family violence endangering a child, which is a felony offense. In addition to the potential criminal consequences he could face, the officer has been placed on administrative leave until an internal affairs investigation into the matter is complete.

Finally, in mid-July, a grand jury declined to indict a third Dallas police officer accused of domestic violence. The grand jury determined that prosecutors did not present enough evidence to proceed in a criminal trial against the officer, who originally faced felony-level charges for family violence assault. Even though the officer has been completely relieved of the charges, he remains on administrative leave from the department he had served for more than a decade.

The consequences these officers faced and still experience, from forced leave from their jobs to time spent in jail, demonstrate the costs that can befall anyone accused of crime. Because a criminal conviction can have far-reaching implications, the vigorous advocacy of an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney is invaluable to help people protect their livelihoods, their reputations and their freedom.

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